Our Goals


It would be IMPOSSIBLE for a group such as the Anthropomorphic Enthusiasts Organization to exist without profoundly changing the Furry Fandom. We do not act without foresight into our potential impact. We do, however, think that this impact will be for the better. We believe that it will strengthen the fandom in more ways than one. Above all it will complete the circle of the Furry Economy. How does the Furry Economy work, you ask? Didn't even know we had one? Well, I don't blame you for being confused. It hasn't had a chance to grow. It has flat-lined. To the right is a diagram of how the Furry Fandom Economy currently operates.

As you can see, the money within the Fandom goes right out the door. The Case here isn't whether the end-result charity is a worthy cause. Most Furry conventions give to local animal shelters or the ASPCA. The question is whether this is the best use of our money. Furries spend their income on Furry Conventions (nonprofits in themselves) and, honestly, they have a blast! The money is well worth it, but we at the AEO believe that Furries should see a return on their investment. As it currently works, the money goes right out the door as soon as it comes in, with no net gain to the Furry Fandom. The economy flat lines, and Furries don't get any richer as a result of investing their time and effort into their community. There is no way for Furries to make themselves any better off with their lifestyle or hobby, because the money just never gets fed back into the system. It's not wasted; it’s just not working for the people who worked for it. It's leaving us disenfranchised. Most importantly, this is why it is virtually impossible for any Furry to make money within the Fandom. We at the AEO envision a Fandom which supports a vast industry in which Furries make their living being Furries. The Anthropomorphic Enthusiast Organization is the solution. It is the missing piece that transforms the Furry Economy from a flat line, into a beating cycle of cash flow.

With the AEO in place, the Furry conventions will have a Furry charity into which they pump money, which then gets pumped out back into the hands of the Furries. It creates a cycle which grows the Fandom, because as more money flows in, more money gets pumped out and helps fuel projects and grow the community. It also offers the chance for Furry conventions to grow by HUGE amounts and that means employing staff. The AEO has plans to grow big as well, big enough to employ Furries within our departments. Imagine, being paid to contribute to your Fandom and still have a blast!

This would change interaction in the Fandom as well. No longer would we be a laughable gaggle of geeks, but a powerful, capable, self-sufficient force. No one could deny that. We would have more organization. We would have a coherent voice for the Fandom. We would control our own industries, and we would better serve our people. 

This is the essence of the Furry dream. To make a living as a Furry, doing what you love. To have a self-sufficient Fandom that grows itself and takes care of its members on a large scale. We hope to see you help make it happen.

The Current Model Of The Furry Economy

The Post AEO Model Of The Furry Economy